2003 Redline BMX Bike *No Reserve* – Bubba Harris Eastern Supercross DK Haro


I believe that this Redline Signature Edition Bubba Harris is a 2003, but use your own judgement on the year. It’s in great riding condition. I believe this Redline was $499.00 new. Everything works as new. Both tires have about 50% tread, Both tires hold air. If the high bidder would like both tires replaced let me know and I would replace for $30.00 for 2 new tires installed when the bike ships. The bike appears to be mostly original except. The seat has a few small tears but doesn’t affect riding the bike and has been torn for years. The rims and hubs are the original ones that came on the bike new. The brakes work good. The wheels have no hops or wobbles. There are some minor nicks and scratches, but no dents or dings. The paint still shines. It’s a very light bike. Please ask questions. If you get a minute check out my other BMX items listed on ebay. I don’t make money on freight if I over charge you I will send a refund you, if I undercharge you I will send a invoice. I ship internationally please send zip code and country for freight quote. Shipping to U.K. and Australia is $160.00 U.S. dollars.

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