Islabikes Beinn 20 Small UltraLight Mountain mtn bike bicycle kids children 5+


Islabikes Beinn 20 Small Lightweight Mountain bike/bicycle for kids/children age 5+. In excellent, used condition. They are no longer selling these in the USA. See here: The rider should be 44 to 50 inches tall, inseam of 18.5 to 23 inches. Has 20 inch wheels, aluminum frame, very high quality kids mountain bike with 7 gears to grip shift through the higher end rear Shimano SRAM X-4 derailleur. Shipping via either or (you can specify or let us choose, for ex. from Southern VT where we are to So Cal is about $65, as quoted by, though I had a great experience with BikeFlight as well last summer). Again, these bikes are no longer being sold here in the US out of Portland, so oversea shipping will be a cost for a new model (plus price increases over time, so perhaps $800 to $900 for one to the US now?). We could not find ANY other aluminum frame light, geared bikes for kids, & we searched all over. These are fantastic, adult quality bicycles–truly LIGHT. This weighs in at 17lbs 10 oz. That lightness is not just for the budding rider. The “auto loader” sure appreciate it too if not riding right from home. Our son hardly used this before outgrowing it. See “whiskers” indicative of brand new tires that are hardly even worn down in the close up tire tread shot. You are getting a fantastic unit, barely used. Original purchasers maintained it in an enclosed structure with regular TLC. We love bikes. Only issue I found was slight scratching on front fork, as seen in photo. Minor and not a corrosion concern (aluminum 😉

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