Mongoose Legion L100 20" Wheel BMX


Think you can get air like this? Extreme riding is the norm on these lightweight, aerodynamic freestyle bikes that are built to withstand the impact of huge air and tough landings. You can ride ’em on the street, race ’em against one of the best, or take ’em to the park for a trick off against your friends. Whatever you choose, BMX riding is all about freedom. Express yourself with sweet tricks, tough grinds and huge air. Or make up your own tricks along the way. It’s time to elevate your ride, and Mongoose is here to help. Elevate your ride with the Mongoose Legion L100 Get into the action and into the air with a BMX bike that always delivers. Introducing the Mongoose Legion: lightweight, park-ready and incredibly durable. The Legion series ranges from the L10 all the way up to the L100, so you can perfectly customize your ride to fulfill your wildest freestyle wishes. The L10 – L20 are great for beginners, while the L80 and L100 are for experienced freestyle riders ready to take their game to the next level. Freedom is the name of the game on the Legion. No rules, no restrictions, and no riding inside the lines. Stomp tricks, glide down rails and remind your friends why you’re the best around. From the brand that first brought BMX bikes to the public in 1974, Mongoose is still delivering durable quality at a price you can afford. It’s time to write your own chapter: elevate your ride on the Mongoose Legion. 4130 chromoly BMX frame with an integrated headset and rider-friendly geo and pro-style removable brake mounts Comes in mighty Black also!!!

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