Mongoose PlanX Kids 21-Speed Mountain Bike – Great Condition!


Here is a used Mongoose (brand) 21-Speed kids mountain bike. Though the title does say it all, I also wanna state that it is a bit dusty/dirty from basic use & being stored away, but nothing that can’t be hosed down. It was professionally assembled and VERY well treated throughout the years. The pedals were replaced at one point, but again, by professionals. It runs like a dream. It’s just under 5 feet in total length (tire to tire) and the wheels are 24″. It features bull-horn handle bars, durable aluminum frame on a strong, adjustable, spring-suspension system (pic# 6) & water bottle holder-ready screws (beneath) the body (pic #5). The V-brake system is still completely intact & secure for both ends, the seat shows practically no signs of wear (pic #2) and the tires still have PLENTY of life left in’em (pics #3 & 4). Great deal for an excellent bike! *After payment is received, we will need to choose a meeting time & neutral place for pick up. Preferably Manhattan, but I’m open to suggestions within reasonable travel distance. *Sold AS-IS, since I don’t have time to deal with returns. Which means ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have any questions, don’t be shy, I’ll respond asap!

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