Vintage Italian Bianchi Mountain Bike Converted To Touring Bike


This is a pretty cool Italian made Bianchi Bike. Originally this was a vintage mountain bike although I converted it into a touring bike. This bike was from the mid 80’s when mountain bike geometry kinda sucked but it was great as touring geometry. I converted this to have drop bars and like this it’s a great touring bike or commuting bike for both on and off-road. This has 26″ wheels which are much stiffer than 700c, offer way more tire options, and allows you to go offroad and tour in third world countries where 700c is very difficult to come by. This bike is fully capable of much larger tires, fenders and front/rear racks. I did not put fenders or racks on this because those items are very personal. This bike will do way better than a typical touring bike with heavy loads, and dirt roads. If you have been keeping up on tire science you know that the bigger the tires the better and this bike can take much bigger tires than the one’s included which is rad. I included a photo of my own bike so you can see how it looks all decked out. Obviously my bike is not included in the auction. I converted this to drop bars, put new tires on it, new handlebar tape, new brake levers, new shift cables and all new tune up. It has zero miles since the work was done. I have been a bike mechanic for nearly 30 years and owned a bike shop for 14 until recently so it was not a hack job. The size of the frame is 55cm but it’s a longer top tube so think of it more as a 58 or 59cm frame. I just want to be sure you fit well on this so that’s why I say that. The derailleurs are Shimano Deer Head!

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